TRIMAS AUTO is a leading wire harness manufacturer and auto electrical parts wholesaler in Malaysia. We can manufacture all kinds of customized wire harness assembly as per your  special requirements, from low  volume to high mix, to mass production, with a dedication to excellence in highest production capability and service that you will always expect. Recognizing the need for quick response and support to our customers, TRIMAS has invested substantially in wiring harness, people, quality and manufacturing system.

Our full range of product such as automotive terminal clip, connectors, customized cable/ wire harness assemblies, battery booster cable, headlamp kit, fusible link, automotive fuses, battery bracket, and starter plunger – all in one roof.

With years of experience in the industry, TRIMAS has succesfully established a renowned brand named “Hong Xuan”. This brand carry own manufacturing product such as variety of terminals and connectors. In addition, TRIMAS carry 5 in-house brands and over 1,000 of SKU items.

TRIMAS is committed in providing best service, superior quality and competitive price for customers and pursues outstanding professional technique to develop exclusive products.

E-TRIMAS is to provide car lovers and DIY lovers one-stop automotive parts centre where they can shop for quality products at favourable prices.



  1. We are the MANUFACTURER!! No one knows the quality better than us.
  2. We are GLOBAL IMPORTER!! We purchase in bulk, we offer BETTER PRICE than anyone else.
  3. We are EXPERT in this industry for MORE THAN 20 YEARS.
  4. Stringent Quality Control with ISO Certified by SGS.

To be a competitive player of wiring harness manufacturer and auto electrical parts wholesaler in Malaysia automotive industry.

1) To be lean and competitive
Always update and improve manufacturing facilities to enhance productivity and skills.

2) Doing everything right for customer
Provide high quality products and services to our customers and always meet their expectations.

3) Fulfill corporate social responsibilities
To  operate  in  accordance  with  ethical standards. 

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