NEW!! Anderson Battery Plug Connector


For those who want high quality and durable wiring system, we highly recommend to use Anderson Power Connector. To purchase, check this direct link:

Technical Specifications:

  • Amperage Rating: 50A
  • Voltage: Max 600V
  • Operating Voltage: 12V or 24V
  • Operating Temperature: -20C – 105C
  • Cable Size: 6AWG (13.3sqm)


  • Genderless Connection RoHS Compliant
  • Grey connector must be connect to Grey connector ONLY
  • Low Cost Highly Reliable Design AC/DC applications
  • Less Force during insertion and withdrawal
  • All contact can be crimped or soldered

Package includes:

  • 1pc x Anderson Plug
  • 2pcs x Silver-Plated Copper Terminal

Installation Instructions


  • Use a stripping tool or a stanley knife to carefully strip back the cable sheathing, if it is a twin core cable.
  • Using a stripping tool, carefully strip back 1 cm of insulation of each single core cable (positive and negative).  
  • Attach the anderson connector terminal lugs to the stripped back cable ends. Using a crimping tool, crimp terminal lugs securely onto the cable.
  • Ensure the terminal lugs are crimped correctly by making sure they are fixed in place and cannot be pulled off.
  • Making sure the terminal lug lip is facing up, attach the anderson plug ensuring the positive and negative cables are inserted into their designated side (pos + and neg -).
  • Push the cables all of the way through until the terminal lug lip latches over the spring clip at the end of the plug and clips in place.
  • Ensure both cables are fixed in place by carefully pulling each one individually, making sure the latch is over the spring clip and does not pull out of the anderson plug.

*NOTE* To remove the cables from the anderson plug once installed, use a tool (small flathead screwdriver) to push the spring clip down while pulling the individual cable out the back of the anderson plug.

Anderson plugs are quick and easy to install and they also reduce the number of parts you need to fiddle with. These plugs come in various colours including: green, yellow, blue, grey and black.

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