Hong Xuan Wire Harness Manufacturer

Wiring Harness Factory @ Malaysia

Product Range:

Headlamp Kit, Bulb Holder, Fusible Link, Lamp Socket, Fuse Holder, Sensor Harness, Starter Wire Kit, Power Window Switch Harness, Relay Socket, Alternator Socket, Injector Socket, Ignition Coil Socket and etc……..

Welcome all wholesalers, retailers and end user. Prices fairly based on quantity. Prices are competitive as we are the factory of harness maker.

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Hong Xuan Terminal Clip


Hong Xuan Terminal Clip @ Made In Malaysia

Widely used in automotive industry, electronic device, medical and etc. With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, our quality is assured. Stringent QC process with ISO certified by SGS guaranteed our product to be the best of the best.

You can easily identify our products based on the sharp orange box packaging and logo stamped behind of the terminal clip.

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Dedicated Narva Automotive Lighting Accessories Wholesaler

Narva-48892 48006 Narva Malaysia 9006 HB4

NARVA Standard is specified with the aim to reach a long durability by keeping the light output constantly. NARVA Standard represents such a well-balanced product solution. The electric bulb combines the ideal light output and durability in one product as a basis version. By using this combination best price-performance ratio is reached.

• Regular lamp testing carried out in compliance with international certification ( ISO  9001 ISO/TS 16949, DIN EN ISO 14001, ECE regulation No. 37)

• Products and processes measured against OEM criteria.

• Internal high quality standards.

• A German brand with over 65 years of experience as a leading manufacturer.

• Ongoing investment in products and processes.

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