Malaysia Manufacturer of Automotive Terminal Clip


Quality Manufacturer of Automotive Terminal Clip in Malaysia

20 Years of Experience

ISO 9001 SGS Certified Manufacturer

All under one roof – Wire Harness, Terminal Clip Manufacturing, Automotive Electrical Parts & Accessories


All kind of wire clip, wire connectors, terminal lug, cable lug and etc.


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Malaysia Philips Automotive Lighting Distributor

A better performance than a standard car head lap

UV Resistant

Change both your headlamps at once for more safety

Why Choose Philips Lights?

Car manufacturers’ choice

Today, one in two cars in Europe and one in three worldwide is equipped with Philips lighting.

ECE homologation:

Philips Automotive is dedicated to producing best-in-class products and services in the Original Equipment Manufacturer market as well as in aftermarket. Our products are manufactured from high-quality materials and tested to the highest specifications to maximise the safety and driving comfort of our customers. Our entire production is meticulously tested, controlled and certified (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QSO 9000) to the highest ECE requirements.

High-quality quartz glass:

UV-Quartz glass is stronger than hard glass and highly resistant to temperature extremes and vibrations, which eliminates the risk of explosion. Philips quartz-glass lamps (filament 2 650º C and glass 800º C) are able to withstand severe thermal shock. With the capability of increased pressure inside the lamp, UV-quartz glass is able to produce a more powerful light.

It’s important to change lamps in pairs
  • The filament of older headlamps will break sooner
  • At the end of their life, lamps project less light, thereby reducing visibility
  • It’s faster, easier and cheaper to change both headlamps, rather than just one
  • Choosing original equipment bulbs reduces the chance of early failure thanks to their higher quality standards
X-tremeVision WhiteVision VisionPlus Vision LongLifeEcovision
Product benefit Up to 130% brighter light Intense white xenon effect 60% more light on the road 30% more light on the road 4x lifetime, less replacement
Beam performance +130% +60% +60% +30% +0%
Colour temperature Up to 3700 K Up to 4300 K Up to 3250 K Up to 3200 K Up to 3100 K
Lifetime Up to 450 hours Up to 450 hours Up to 350 hours Up to 400 hours Up to 1250 hours

Variety of Philips Automotive Lighting

H1, H2, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, HB3, HB4

Miniature bulb, Dashboard Bulb, Wedge Bulb

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